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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Is it not better to risk losing everything for love than to hold onto certainty and lose thyself?


Tonight I escaped my uncertainty and wrapped my heart in a blanket of your love.

Inside that Moment

The very first time the sun rose above the ocean's crust and revealed light upon the earth, inside that moment, our love was born.


Alas, I understand why it is called falling.

Another Form

How comforting it was to fall asleep last night and find you keeping minutes with my thoughts. Perhaps this love, at first controllable, now has a hold of me. You are my days and nights. You are my quiet moments and brilliant storms.

To Awake by Love

To be pulled awake 
in the middle of the night 
by a single thought of you
reminded that love does not sleep 
nor does it surrender to my fears. 
You may never know
my sweet darling
how deeply I love you 
but my dreams 
won't let me forget. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So many days and nights have come without words. I honor the muse. I pay homage to ritual and discipline, yet inspiration lands on the porch next door. My porch left empty save the leaves that arrived with the evening's breeze and residue from last night's dreams. I sit quietly in prayer. I find strength to ask for another day. I know that somewhere behind the wind my inspiration rests. She will arrive. She will return and I will welcome her gently. The way you kiss your lover after a long night apart.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rocking Chairs

It's more than wanting you or needing you. It's more than craving the taste of your body against my tongue or your chest against my back at dawn.  It's more than any obligation yesterday could bare.  It's about waking up each sunrise as if for the first time with a choice. And, in that moment choosing you. Knowing that if that choice takes us to matching rocking chairs on a porch when we are old and gray,  thousands of mornings from our first day, that I was a choice for you too.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Listen Closely I Am Whispering

For MaryAnn Lazzarini

Listen closely
I am whispering
I am the stillness of the breeze
I am the trees
I am everything.

I am the warmth of the sun
the serenity of night
I am the light
I am everything.

I slow dance with the moon
rock the mountains to sleep
I do not weep
I am in everything.

I am the eagle's wings
I am the sandy shore
I hurt no more
I am everything.

I soar, I dance, I sing,
I am everything.

Listen closely for
I am only whispering.